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You have access to our consultative service. Safety and effeciency in handling goods within a hospital requires a well-thought system. This doesn't just happen without a well-thought plan. We have interior design and planning team, who have many years of experiences and have been trained by our principals, to specify facility layout for CSSD, Laundry, Water & Steam System, and Medical Lighting.

We would also collaborate with our principals utilizing their computerized guide for designing and calculating the capacity of a Central Sterile Processing Department (CSSD) or other smaller sterile units. The detailed calculation is based on your number of beds, OTs, etc. Similiarly for Water & Steam System, Laundry, Medical Pendant and Lighting.

The result of the computation makes it possible to determine the size and number of equipments (sterilizer, washer-disinfectors, flusher, washer extractors, etc) to fit your need. Similiarly for other systems.

Floor plans are generated by use of a CAD system, simplifying the understanding of the interior design and workflow for the end-user.